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Our Story

This is a unique story of a construction manager - turned restaurateur. The tale of a young man who was determined to build an establishment he could proudly call his own.

With the unconditional support from his beloved wife and a gleam of hope, the couple then set sail on a journey to the incredible Indian coastal region of Goa, Mumbai and Kerala to explore new possibilities. There, they fell in love with the authentic taste of Indian coastal seafood cuisine.

Excited to take a piece of that unforgettable experience back home to Singapore, 'The Mango Tree' Indian Coastal Restaurant was born on 1st May 2001.​


(A picture of Chin & Reeny on their first trip to Kerala in the year 2000.)

As the first Indian Coastal Restaurant in Singapore, we strive to pamper your taste buds with our finely perfected recipes from the Malabar Coast of India. Experience mouthwatering dishes from Kerala, Goa, Bombay, Southern and Northern parts of India while you immerse in our traditional yet contemporary ambiance. Dine with The Mango Tree for an unforgettable experience and share the love for true quality Indian Cuisine.


Our Team

To perfectly execute our unique menu of flavorful cuisines from both north and south India, we only hire professional chefs from India. With years of expertise, they have honed their culinary skills to impress your taste buds and give you the true taste of traditional Indian delicacies.

We believe in good team work — working together to bring out the best Indian cuisine and services to you. Blessed with a team of loyal and dedicated staff, The Mango Tree completes your dining experience with great service and a welcoming smile. Feel free to ask our friendly staff for recommendations if you need assistance with our menu. We would gladly answer any burning questions you have about our food. 

Our Journey

Since its humble beginning in May 2001, The Mango Tree began operations at the Marine Cove along East Coast Park. However, in February 2012, to give way to government upgrading projects, we had to relocate to Katong I12 on 112 East Coast Road. 

After 5 years in the mall, The Mango Tree realised that a more homely environment was needed for our Mango Tree to grow.

From March 2017 to date, we are located in a two-storey shop-house, nestled among the lively stretch of shop-houses along 91 East Coast Road. Bringing the touch of our former outlets and blending it in with modern decor elements, The Mango Tree is truly an ambient and vibrant place to dine-in. 

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