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Dine In

When you dine with us, you get to experience the most authentic flavours fresh from the kitchen. As you await your freshly prepared meal, immerse in the relaxing contemporary ambiance. And when your tantalising dishes arrive, allow us to attend to your every need while you let the aromatic spices hit your taste buds with such oomph!


Dine at The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant to experience the mouthwatering taste of authentic Indian cuisine from Kerala (the Malabar Coast), Southern and Northern parts of India.



Having one of those lazy days but longing for some mouthwatering Indian flavours in the comfort of your own home? We deliver island-wide. Although not as satisfying as dining in to piping hot dishes served fresh, it sure appeases that zesty craving! Contact us to confirm your order.

Subject to availability and delivery charges, with minimum purchasing order based on distance. 


Bento Sets

Bento sets are gaining popularity because they are packed meals that are in ready to eat form. Available for corporate events, lunch meetings or any function, our Bento sets will surely impress. Customise your premium Indian Bento box for any occasion.


For more information on how you can personalise your box and pre-order, please contact us.


Choose to have your Bento sets delivered or self collect your order.  Delivery charges apply.


Party and Event Space

Discover our events space at The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant. Located along East Coast Road, our two-storey shop house boasts a spacious second floor with a lively contemporary design. The 1000 square-metre space is perfect for all type of private functions or parties.

With a little balcony that overlooks the vibrant street and a private room for intimate gatherings, it is the perfect space for mingling away!



Looking for incredible food to make an impression at your event? Cater from The Mango Tree and amaze your guests with the wide array of flavourful Indian delicacies.

Apart from customising your buffet spread, hire our professional chef to whip up live hot food or request for our waiting services to pamper your guests. Corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, you name it. Contact us to find out more today. 


Games Lounge

Looking for a place to unwind with your friends? With board games for all ages, our Games Lounge is the place where friends exchange endless laughter over tasty bites, set in a relaxing ambiance.

Strike in Carrom or challenge your buddies to a mind twisting game of Avalon. Get your game on.


Check out our rates at The Mango Tree Indian Coastal Restaurant and some of our games by clicking the button below. 

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